Saturday, September 15, 2007
Volunteer Park is right up the road from Reid's condo and we thought it would be fun to make a trek up the hill and take some pictures of the park. We walked up and up then up a little bit more, whew!

One cool little feature at the park is the water tower. They have built steps that wind up and down two sides of it. You can walk all the way to the top. From there the view is beautiful. You can see the city from one side and Lake Washington from the other. I like it up here, it's a cool place to just stand and observe. You can look down around the whole park. I think the city view side is my favorite.

From there we walked down by the Seattle Asian Art Museum. There are two ponds with what I believe these are koi fish, not sure though. There are more of all of these still images in the Flikr gallery i put in the rail.

I thought this would be a great time to test out the video feature on my new digital camera. So I shot two videos of the fish swiming in the pond. I posted the video just a little lower on this page.

We headed down through the hills of the park and found some people playing in the grass (i think it's play karate) and of course some dogs. I love to watch people play with their pets in the park.
I love the houses that surround the park. It is my dream to one day be so rich that I can afford one of these types of homes. I never see anyone around these houses. Sometimes there are cars in the driveway. If I owned a house in that location i would be out on my deck watching people walk to and from the park all the time. But then, I love to people watch.

Well, that's about it for the visit to the park. Now we are back at the condo and Reid is making some fabulous pasta dish for dinner. YUM!

Fish in a pond at Volunteer Park in Seattle, WA

The other fish pond at Volunteer Park in Seattle, WA

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Diane said...

It looks like a lovely place for a hike!

VirtualProducer said...

diane, it's a great place for a walk but for an awsome hike I head to Mt Rainier. I will have to go up there one of these weekends and get some pitures from there, it's breathtaking.

EditThis said...

Not bad video for a still camera! Those are Koi fish, btw. Looks beautiful up there, I bet there are some nice hikes. We'll have to hike some time when I'm up there. I never figured you for a hiker, knowing how you hate to walk...

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9/15/07 - Volunteer Park - Seattle, WA

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