Thursday, September 6, 2007

I have been trying to discover and appreciate the little things more in my life. Today at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, Ile and i decided to have a little BBQ diner for Cathy, her and myself.

Ile, our master of flame, was at the grill (as always.) Mmmmmmmmm, it was really good.

Steak, Potato and no veggie! HA, take that mom :-)

Good time had by all and yes, Reggie got steak treats. -night


Amy Mowery said...

Nothing like a good BBQ. Wish I could have been there myself! Reggie looks pretty happy to be invited to the party. :) Throw a brat on the grill for me. Do you have brats in Seattle? Maybe it's a Chicago thang.

EditThis said...

OMG - that sounds good.

Is Ile ALWAYS throwing up some gangsta sign? :)

VirtualProducer said...

There you go again Amy, "Chicago is the only place that has hot dogs and pizza" LOL Just kidding
:-) Yeah, we have brats, they are next to the pork stuffed apple sausages... Seattle, gotta love it.

Everyone, this is Amy Mowery. We have been co-workers for 7 years now. Amy was webmaster at WGN and WGNTV till she started her new business recently! Her recent blog about her trip to Ireland is linked from my mainpage.

Yeah, editthis.. always :-) We do it in the hall to each other all the time. Only we know what it means... LOL

ile said...

It's not really a "gangsta" sign lol as much as it is a "rock on with your bad self" sign. :) The Lob and myself tend to do strange things that are VERY unexplainable. An X-file perhaps? I think not!

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