Tuesday, May 10, 2011
My entire life I never thought I would live to see myself as a 40-year-old man! I have worked hard, played harder and it's a small miracle that I am able to sit and write this today.

I am not one for keeping things around for years... But with turning 40 and all I went on a journey to see what I could find that I have kept around.

Here is the actual outfit worn in the picture above. Both are from 1972 when I was 1 year old. The picture was taken after my first haircut (yes I had hair!)... the outfit doesn't fit anymore but never fear, I am already working on an adult version.


The shoes worn in the picture were bronzed and put on a board with a little bronze plaque with the words: Robert Donald, 1971, Vancouver Wash. I have always had small feet..

The only other item I could find was my baby blanket. For those who are local Vancouver people.. it was purchased from a little baby shop down on Grand Avenue.. right where the hill starts to head down to the Columbia River... A thriving metropollis in 1971, i am sure.

Thank you to all my friends and family for making my first 40 years a true adventure. I look forward to many more good times, new friends and life experiences.

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