Wednesday, December 3, 2008
Today was a very hard one for me. My position was eliminated at the company I work for. This means that after almost nine years I am back in the job market.

Over the last 16 years in television I have done everything from; be an on-air talent to producing three TV station websites at the same time. / /

I have worked the entertainment side, the news side and all the other 'sides' of TV.

When someone leaves the online world with Tribune we do a virtual toast to that person. I got mine today and everyone said nice things about me, it made me feel good.

One of these posts brought me to tears and I thought I would share it with you. When I went to work for this company I was surrounded by people like Doug and we treated each other like Family. Check out what Doug wrote about me...


i remember walking into the tower in 2000 and meeting you for the first time at what was supposed to become our annual web convention... i think jeff sherb was there, dean wall & clark bender, and of course so many other ghosts... we truly believed that that bright new era of tech was gonna make us all rich, along with all the other corporate crap about how we "mattered" and were the company's greatest assets. well, we've learned a little since then, & most recently that really, it's just a spreadsheet game about fte's & expenditures & revenue & now with these current dunces, it's not even about being good anymore.

ironic thing is we do matter. maybe we only realize it when people leave, but we matter to all of us because really it's all of us who come through for each other, stay late for each other, go the extra mile so that we can go to sleep knowing we came through for... us. the rest is a lot of dogshit propaganda.

you, rob, are one of the most conscientious, kind, hard working, brilliant, funny, honest people i've known, and i look forward to knowing you for a long time. believe me, i'll remember you and all your good qualities far longer than i'll ever care about what ever becomes of this company.

stay cool, my brother!


Thanks Doug, you are tops in my book

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