Saturday, September 8, 2007

I do not have a lot of time for side projects but I have a few select clients that I do their sites.

This weekend i had a meeting on a little island up here called Anderson Island. I like meeting with this client because it's always an adventure in scenic views.

I start out heading 35 miles south toward Tacoma, WA. Right around Ft. Lewis you cut off I-5 and head west toward a little town called Steilacoon.

At this point you get on a ferry and ride to the island. I love this part! There is something about being in the midele of the Puget Sound in your vehicle that i just love.

Here is a shot from their place on the island. Beautiful view! I could spend some extended time here on this island. Wish I could afford a little place down there, it would be a good escape on the weedends for me. 'No man is an island man" :-)

I put together a photo gallery of the day. It's over in the right rail.

Song of the Day
Melanie C - "If That Were Me"


EditThis said...

Sounds cool. I miss Puget Sound. I'd like to ride a fairy. I bet you'd like to ride a fairy, too. ;)

VirtualProducer said...

Having just come back from the bar where there were lots of cute guys.. yes, i would like to ride a fairy bout now... Little drunk, sorry. :-)

Diane said...

I would love to own a home on one of the islands in the Sound . . .

p.s. the Italian Pot Roast recipe is at

Won't know how it tastes for a few more hours, but I can tell you that it sure smells good!

LA said...

Song of the day today should have been "Don't Pay the Ferry Man" by Chris DeBurgh.

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