Saturday, September 1, 2007

It was not my intent to have a fashion day, but it turned out that I had to make a big decision today. Reid and I had a very difficult conversation today about the ring in my ear.

Not sure I have mentioned it or not but i am not comfortable with aging. Reids point today was that "we are too old for ear rings." I think his exact words were "we don't want to look like Mr. Clean" a reference to me with my shaved head and ring hanging from my left ear.

Reid took his 4 rings out when he was 30, so from his point of view, I am far overdue.

This may seem to be no big thing but it was for me. I agree that the look is cleaner. In fact, i have felt for a long time that i look lop sided. I even considered having the other one pierced to equal out the image.

I have a couple of concerns now... See this picture of the hole? Will this ever close or will i be walking down the street in a brisk wind and whistle through the hole in my ear? Check it out!!! Yikes.

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Reid Got some new plants for his place. It just looks better and better in here! He has read the blog now and saw all of your nice comments.

I created my Flickr account and snapped some pictures from my backyard at sunset tonight. I think that's all i got for today. I added the gallery to the right rail.

Song Of The Day

It's Saturday night and I was in the mood for a little dance music! -night


EditThis said...

Snap! I hope that closes up for you! And for the record, I still wear just a single stud in my left ear, a habit left over from the 80s. I still have a hole in the right if I'm going somewhere I should look presentable. I also still have the hole in the upper cartilege on the left.

VirtualProducer said...

The deeper conversation with Reid started when he looked at me and said "we have to talk..." it went on to "have you ever seen an old fag with a ring his his ear?" I knew at that moment the ring was coming out.. :-(

ile said...

The ring is part of who you are. It doesn't matter if Reid likes it or not. Did you like it? If you liked it then keep it. Change it. Do whatever, but don't go by what anyone else says. I pulled out the 4th ring in each of my ears because I wanted to. I don't care what anyone things. If I want them to slowly come out then I will do that myself.
That's all I have to say is DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO not what others say you should do. No offense Reid.

Diane said...

I'm voting lose the earring.

VirtualProducer said...

Ile - Well of course if I felt strongly about something he wanted to change I would stick with what I wanted.

The purpose of this experiment is to listen to someone who maybe feels differnt than i do about these things.

Inside, i don't think there is anything wrong with wearing a ring in my ear, high tops or levis for that matter.

I can always change everything back in the end.

Maybe, because i have been trying to write this humerous, i didn't communicate that well.

I love hearing input from everyone, so keep it coming. Agree or not I want to hear. :-)

M-M-M-Mishy said...

I'm with Diane on getting rid of the earring.

Maybe you could work on some sort of routine of shaking and nodding your head while walking down the street and your ear will actually whistle a tune! Camptown Races anyone? I'd totally vote for you on America's Got Talent.

LA said...

Trust me... over time, the holes in the ears close. In fact, I think I'd have to get my ears re-pierced at this point.

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