Friday, September 21, 2007
You know it is so nice to come back home. Although I live in Washington State in Seattle, I was born in this little town called Vancouver, Washington. It's not so little anymore. I have been away for almost 8 years. I have come home for short visits now and then but I am amazed at the growth this city has seen.

I was born here and didn't leave this town till I was 27 years old. It's nice to have Portland right across the Columbia River.

27 years is along time to live in one place and I have a lot of mixed memories of this town. It's always an emotional roller coaster when I come to visit. I always have a reason to visit as long as my parents continue to live here.

I love that every night before bed my 73 year old mother plays a couple of games of solitaire at the dining room table.

I love that my dad finds solace in a room a lot like one that I work in when I am at home, surrounded by computers at all times. Just look at this picture of my 72 year old father working on dual platforms (mac/pc!) I guess we know where I get my knack for computers.

Look Ile! Today when i was standing outside I found a Daymoon and thought of you!

Song of the Day:
"Summer of 69" - Brian Adams
I can't come home without thinking of this song. You see when I was 17 years old i was driving my car across the I-205 bridge (103mph) in a 55. I was not drunk, just a young person pushing the limits. Anyway.. I can't drive I-205 without thinking about that moment and this was the song that was playing on the radio when I was pulled over.


ile said...

Wooo hooo! Daymoon! Actually I already committed to plans on Sunday. Sorry. :(

EditThis said...

if Portland weren't across the river, the couv would not have been tolerable growing up.

Amy Mowery said...

Yesterday was my mom's 73rd birthday. My parents (and most of my family) all still live in the same neighborhood in Chicago, but you can never take family for granted. They are a blessing even when they are pains in the asses! :)

Jeff said...

103! I can picture that...too bad there are no roads in the Seattle area that are uncrowded enough to get up to those speeds ;)

M-M-M-Mishy said...

I just left my hometown after living in it for 24 years. I imagine it will be weird to go back. Especially since I'm not feeling homesick... yet.

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