Thursday, September 20, 2007

Song of the Day:
Steve Miller - "The Joker" (I could not resist)
He lives on the San Juan Islands up here. We did a in studio with him the same day this was shot but I could not find the video I posted from then. He did the same song on our morning show which was fine with me because it is my favorite by them. (June 13, 2006)


LA said...

Steve Miller sounds really good acoustic. Who knew? How old would you say he is now? I certainly wouldn't have recognized him.

Re: medical marijuana. I know someone who used to work at a dispensary. Crime is rampant in those places, both for the drugs and the large amounts of cash that are usually on hand there. A lot of patients pay in cash because their insurance won't cover it.

Diane said...

it is one of my many gripes about our federal government that they won't legalize medical marijuana - sure let MDs dispense morphine, but not pot . . .

EditThis said...

Ditto Diane on Medical Marijuana. Or to be honest, any marijuana. I say legalize it and tax it. It certainly does less damage than alcohol.

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