Friday, September 7, 2007
I made it to Friday, WooHoo

I went online in search of a good laugh. Working in broadcast media takes its toll. One of my favorite sites to read for a good belly laugh is The Onion. Now they have a myspace page.

I found my laugh in this video: Know: The Widening Gap Between America's Rich And Super-Rich

I busted out at the line "even though you're not looking for pity, I PITY YOU!"

This caught my eye while I was surfing for fun.

If you know of any good sites that bring a laugh, please share.

Song of the Day
"Conviction of the Heart" - Kenny Loggins


EditThis said...

Holy crap! You busted out Kenny Loggins!

VirtualProducer said...

Just for you! :-)

Amy Mowery said...

No way! Two Kenny Loggins fans on the same blog. I'm breaking out my Vox Humana album right now.

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