Sunday, August 26, 2007
I will make this entry about Reid so you can all know him a little better. He wasn't in the mood for pictures this weekend so let's use his true love to represent his image. Reid loves him some Volvo. When we ride together he always points them out on the road. Have you ever had friends who name their cars? Meet Olaf, Reid's Volvo.

That was my big outing this weekend. I headed up to the hill and hung out with Reid at his place. I always take my computer and we just listen to music and hang out on his terrace. He is only 1 block off Broadway (the main drag.)
Being so close to where people are heading proves for interesting people watching.

Reid just bought this condo! It's the first time he has owned his own home and he is very happy with it. I have enjoyed watching him buy little things for his place. Reid has been transforming his surroundings like I have been working on my outer image. His place shows how proud he is. What's cool about this is it's the same neighborhood he has lived his entire time in Seattle, I think 12 years now.

Let me get to the good stuff. Check out his closet. Oh NO, he's not gay.. LOL Only a gay man would have a chandelier in their closet.

What I admire most about this closet is his ability to organize all those clothes by style and color.. dark to light, slacks/pants on the bottom. When they told Reid that 'Closets are for clothes' it would appear he took it to heart.

The floors in the kitchen are a nice tile and the hard woods are bamboo. Speaking of the kitchen, all the appliances are new and I love his marble counters.

We need to talk about his laundry room... When you open the door, it's like walking into the bedroom he had when we were in school together. You can see all of his passions on the walls here. This is where Reid goes to escape back to the 80's a time of which he is very fond. Some of the things on these walls are from when he traveled.
Reid has worked for Seattle's Best and Starbucks for almost the entire time he has lived here. He has done everything from open stores and run them to working in the field servicing large territories. Currently he is in charge of the entire Microsoft account and that is keeping him very busy.

At one point it was his job to fly to exotic ports, board cruise ships and ride the cruise to it's destination. The whole time he would train crew and lead seminars where he would educate them on the world of excellent coffee. I will say one thing, he knows his coffee. It's very serious to him and I never joke about it. He will start talking about free trade brew and taxation and how the import/export works.. Sumatra, Americana..... it makes my head spin! I am not a coffee drinker but I do try to enjoy a cup when with him. The sweeter the better and yes i bury the flavor in syrups and frothy milk.

When he stopped traveling we sat down and watched all his video he shot while at these locations. He had bought a Mini-DV camera and created his own little documentary. Italy, Europe, Amsterdam and Mexico.. you name it and he has at least been at the port.

Featured Video:
I took all those clips digitized them and made him a little movie to "Maria" by Blondie/Deborah Harry. Reid is her #1 Fan... She actually know him, he has followed her on tour and through friendships with other musicians he has had the opportunity to meet her and chat with her many times. I threw this together about 4 years ago for him and never have had the time to go back and fix it proper.

I did not intend for this to be public. It was not created with the purpose of broadcast in mind. The quality is not very good but hey, you saw moving pictures of him.

Song of the Day:
"Miss" by Everyone but the Girl

For some reason when I was over on DABLOG and saw Tiffany had choose Better Than Ezra for her song of the day it made me think of Everything But The Girl. Now I am spending too much time 'Missing' someone I should not even be thinking about... ::sigh::... -night


EditThis said...

Love Reid's condo! It reminds me of mine, but with less stuff in it. And that laundry room DOES look like his old bedroom!

I must admit, I don't have a name for my Volvo.

LA said...

I noticed Reid's Blondie album art in the living room right before I got to the Debbie Harry Shrine in the laundry room.

BTW, Reid would be proud to know I'm an AVID Sumatra drinker. Nothing else will do.

Love the condo. The arrangement of mirrors above the sink is a nice touch and one I will remember if I find myself without a window above my next kitchen sink (I'm currently condo shopping, too).

Diane said...

Reid has beautiful style!

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