Saturday, August 25, 2007

Fashion Project 07:

Some of you may have read on Tiffany's blog about my fashion project. You see, i have learned that apparently I am a gay man, born without the fashion gene. I am very lucky to have my friend Reid, a gay man born with said gene, to help me re-work my wardrobe.

When I moved back to Washington State and arrived in Seattle, I was so excited to connect with my Friend Reid. We have known each other since grade school but I had not seen him since high school graduation. We met for lunch up on Capitol Hill (the Boys Town/West Hollywood of Seattle) and Reid started hounding me about my clothing... to say hounding is being nice.

Eventually (that was six years ago) I came to realize that he was right, wearing tatered shirts and worn-torn out jeans was not helping my external/self image. I am a single gay man in Seattle, WA and it would be nice to meet someone.Reid is of the opinion that if I change how I dress, it will have an impact on my self image and attitude. I was skeptical to say the least.

This quest turned out to be a blast! We went on shopping sprees and Reid started setting fashion rules for me.

Robs' Fashion Rules
1. Never wear a shirt without a tee underneath
2. NO MORE LEVIS! - One pair allowed to use for mowing the lawn.
3. No High Top Tennis Shoes - Again, one pair for yard work.
4. No Coats/Clothing With Logos ie: Q13 FOX News or shirts with show logos on them.

I am allowed to wear some of the branded shirts but only for workout purposes.

Reid has told me that if he catches me in Levis jeans he will make me take them off on the spot and burn them. Apparently he feels that they do not fit my body well. He says they are too baggy. He says that 'my ass was made for gap jeans' ... whatever!

I had to clear out everything in my closet (shoes and clothing) and we headed to the stores in search of a new look. It was at this time that I realized i was still wearing some clothes that I wore in high school, some 17 years ago.

We had a blast and once I was able to laugh at myself and admit that I was a fashion misfit, my attitude did start to change a little.

We have bought Slacks, Pants, Jeans, Shoes, Shirts, Tee shirts, dress shirts, belts and ties. My poor wallet. But I love everything we have bought and i like that I am opening up my mind to some new styles. Shoes is the hardest part.. Reid is big on Italian shoes and i am not a huge fan of square toe mens shoes.

As we bought the clothing, Reid would have me put each outfit on and he would take pictures. He then printed them out (4 thumbnails on each 5x7 print) These went on the wall of my closet as a constant reminder of what I should be wearing. I thought it would be fun to share a few of my new outfits with you here. You can click on a picture to open a larger one in a new window.

I thought, being a little on the 'thick' side, that wearing a tee shirt would be horrible for me. I have gotten so used to it that I even wear one to bed at night now. It's the weirdest thing but it actually makes you feel cooler dressing in layers like that. Who knew? That's your tee shirt update Diane :-)

Today's Song Of The Day:
James Blunt - Tears And Rain (Live)

It was one of those dark grey days here in Seattle and that always makes me think of this song. I like the reference to Dorian Gray. I guess it speaks to my quest for eternal youth. I also think James Blunt is cute ;-)

So Tiffany, did I meet the expection? Is this entertaining enough? I am sure you are having a laugh or two since you, Reid and i have all been friends since grade school.


LA said...

Wait, I'm confused. I thought everyone in Seattle wore Doc Martens and plaid flannel shirts over long shorts.

VirtualProducer said...

Thank you la! See where a guy could get confused?

He even made me throw out Eddie Bower shirts because he thought they looked too much like flannel.

VirtualProducer said...

Oh I forgot to mention the whole sock color thing..

Why does the color of my socks matter when my pants cover them? Are there sock police? Do they run around and lift your pant leg to ensure the proper color is worn?

sigh... maybe it will make sense soon.

Diane said...

Reid seems to know what he's doing - - In particular, the khaki slacks in the last couple of photos look great on you!

As to the socks, not sure what Reid told you, but my understanding is that they should match your shoes or pants, unless you decide that socks are going to be your funky accessory and you start wearing argyle socks, or may I suggest, knitting your own, the latest hobby for gay men and women like me willing to wearing shoes big enough to accommodate hand knitted socks.

Otherwise, you will be chatting nicely with some stylish fella, when you cross your legs and he gets a glimpse of the white socks you are wearing and he runs screaming from the Starbucks.

VirtualProducer said...

You know Diane, i do crochet and i think once I kitted a pair of slippers. :-) True story

I am just a mess, as I try to control my urge to hike, hunt and fish.

thanks for the advice, i may try my hand at knitting again... i am so gay :-)

LA said...

Hand-knit socks are the bomb, Rob! Wait... better get an official read from Reid.

Still, it is very cool when men knit. And gay men in particular happen to be the finest knitters I know. Damn you!

VirtualProducer said...

Hey Diane,

I had to go back and check but those slacks you referenced...

I am very proud of that purchase! Those are Kenneth Cole slacks and they were on sale for $19.99 a pair! I didn't belive it when i saw them on the rack. I got two pair, the Khaki ones and a pair of dark navy blue ones. They rock!

Diane said...

Rob - or you could meld both sides of your personality and knit hunting socks!

VirtualProducer said...

LOL! Diane I think you hit the nail on the head! Now where did I put that hunter orange yarn?

EditThis said...

Yes, that was absolutely entertaining! Thanks for the pics. I always knew Reid had a special talent.

Christina is the coolest girl ever said...

You've totally brought sexy back with your new look! I wouldn't worry too much about the socks; just make sure that they match:)

I'm loving the new blog, by the way. Great job!

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