Sunday, November 9, 2008
When Amy came to visit we did lots of stuff around Seattle. We went up the Space Needle and visited the EMP (Experience Music Project) and saw a few neighborhoods around town.

Returning to my house Amy began to upload photos from day 1 of her trip. I went through them on Facebook and enjoyed seeing the Seattle icons I have grown to love over the past 8 years living here.

It was the next day when I saw these incredible images full of vibrant colors. Fall is the most beautiful season here in the pacific northwest! The evergreen trees stay green as all the leaves on the trees surrounding them transform creating a visual symphony of colors that words could not describe.

When I first clicked on the images I asked Amy where she had taken them. Imagine my surprise to learn she had merely stepped out the front door of my own home and snapped shots which should have looked familiar to me.

This whole experience has forced me to recognize that I have lost my passion for some of the simple things in life. To lose the ability to stop and enjoy simple beauty that occurs around me can not be a good thing.

I think it is time to stop, pause and remember to hold close to my heart the things I value and love.

If a kaleidoscope of colors all around me can go unnoticed, imagine what else I am missing!


Amy said...

Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to get us to see what is right in front of us! You truly have beauty right at your doorstep. :)


EditThis said...

Boy, do I miss seasons.

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