Saturday, November 1, 2008
Amy arrived in from Chicago last night. We got up early this morning and hit the local Starbucks. Amy had hot chocolate and I had Americano. We headed downtown and went up in the Space Needle, the EMP (Experience Music Project) and Science Fiction Museum. We headed to meet up with Reid to grab a bite of lunch at the Deluxe on Broadway (Capital Hill.)

After lunch Reid decided he had a craving for S'mores. You may be asking yourself, "S'mores in a condo?" The building has a roof deck with a beautiful view of downtown Seattle. I also learned that it has a mobile fire pit up there. Reid had cedar kindling and he started the fire.

Once we got some nice coals the roasting of the marshmallows began. I must admit I've never had S'mores on top of a building in downtown Seattle before. It was a perfect mix of all my favorite things: good friends, S'mores and the city of Seattle.

We all had our task: I tended fire, Reid roasted the white gooey goodness and Amy prepped a perfect mix of chocolate & graham crackers.

I will never forget the day I had S'mores on a roof in the middle of downtown Seattle as long as I live.

Thanks Reid for making such a fun, special and memorable moment for all of us.


EditThis said...

WTF?? Why didn't WE have smores on Reid's roof deck?!

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