Wednesday, January 23, 2008
Let me start by saying sorry to have been gone so long. The last two months just seem to blur together for me. Work has been keeping me very busy. I launched the new frontpage Being a TV station webmaster is getting old (it's been almost 15 years now in broadcastng.) My new year's resolution is to tackle my job with renewed interest.

I expect rain here but instead the last few days have been sunny during the day and cold at nght. Now there is snow in the weekend forecast :-( This is a bummer because my friend Cathy is movng this weekend. Labor is booked, truck is rented, leases to be signed Thursday.. No stoppng now.. wi sh us luck. It's not me who can't drive in snow/ice (I was born in this state) it's the other drivers that make it bad to drive in snow/ice here.

So short entry for tonight.. I will have more to say in upcoming updates Here's a tease

"Wednesday: Find out how many dating sites I signed up for. Will I throw in the towell on love and write off men? Tomorrow on 'Making Media, The Virtual Producer"

;-) Night

Song of the day:
Richard marx-Satisfied


Diane said...

I have experienced Yahoo and Matchmaker . . .

Welcome back!

EditThis said...

Welcome back to blogging, VP! I missed it.

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