Monday, December 3, 2007
Our Governor has proclaimed a state of emergency now.

Here are some of the images viewers have sent in to the TV station.

Whittington Tile and Stone is about to float away since the river behind our building has become part of the bay!!! See attached pictures.

Flooding in the area of the Belfair State Park.

Flooding in the area of the Belfair State Park.

EWWWW This would suck


EditThis said...

Yeah, that would all definitely suck.

Diane said...

I woke up to news helicopters yesterday morning because they anticipated flooding from the big waves and high tide, but (knock on wood) the whirly-birds went away without any good flooding footage, just shots of our hardcore surfers!

LA said...

Terrible, horrible pictures. I saw some on Edit's blog, too. Stay safe!

Daria said...

Great work.

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