Saturday, May 10, 2008
Today is my 37th birthday. So i thought it would be fun to do a blog entry about my day.

My mom and dad came up Thursday night. It is nice to see them and that means mom is here for me to give her a card and a kiss for Mothers Day.

So I asked my friend Cathy to get me a Baskin Robins ice cream cake. What flavor did I ask for you ask? I wanted one, if possible, with mint chocolate chip. Cathy was concerned that since Baskin Robins has been running ads for Mothers day cakes that they might have been sold out but she didn't order one and instead went today to get one.
The only cake they had in that flavor ice cream was this, obviously a little boys cake, one shaped like a train.

Do you think i let that slow me down? Of course I got the end piece with the little train face on it! and I started to eat away at it.

Slowly I watched the face disappear until all that was left was one little eyeball. Once I consumed that it was all over and I am very full of cake now :-)

I thought you would find this story funny

Robert, The 37 year old man who will be 8 years old inside forever.


EditThis said...

Awesome cake! Is that Thomas the Train? I want ice cream cake for my birthday, too! Happy've caught up with me again.

Tammy Matthew said...

Awesome cake Robert. Don't ever grow up. Happy Birthday little brother! Game is at Shore Crest Highschool on Saturday at 1:00. We'll catch up on details later.

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