Tuesday, October 14, 2008
This morning I woke, planted my feet on the floor and put myself on track to the shower. I got out of the shower and while grabbing a tee-shirt noticed that I had a message on my phone. This usually means that some fire in the newsroom I work in needs to be put out or something is broke. As I picked up the phone I noticed that the message was from my good friend Amy Mowery!

Amy Mowery
I met Amy about eight years ago. She started working for Tribune Company about a month before I did. A Chicago native, she was at WGN-TV while I was in Dallas at KDAF-TV. Over the years Amy and I formed a friendship that felt like the ones I have had for a lifetime. Through working on projects together and talking on the phone I learned that Amy and I shared passions in similar areas... Internet, TV, Entertainment, Music, Arts..etc..etc..

Amy hit a point a year ago when she wanted to explore other options in her career. Amy left Tribune and started doing her own thing, taking on clients, freelancing and other internet guru stuff. At first I feared we may lose touch. At my work we use AOL Instant Messenger to communicate with other producers in other markets. Basically, Amy and I were online everyday together for seven years.

Jeez.. I really 'buried the lead' on this one....

So the message was from Amy and she was telling me that she is coming to see me! I am so excited to see her. She will visit me Halloween weekend! What a fantastic surprise! I saw Amy recently when I was in Chicago on business but this will be the first time she comes to Seattle to see me. I have so much planning to do now...YAY!

Some of the best blessings in my life have names :-) Tiffany, Amy, Cathy and Ile

I will tell you more about them soon...


ile said...

Aw you're so cute Rob!

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