Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Check this story out about the price of owning a home in Seattle these days.

Song of the Day:
Seal - "Crazy"
It was one of those kind of days :-


EditThis said...

Great song of the day. I've always loved that song! It's the only one of his I really like.

Yep...prices all over are getting higher and higher.

Jeff said...

Hey Seattle People!

I may be selling my house and it won't require you to make $74 an hour. (Great link Rob...and I love the preroll for Images From The Frontline)

LA said...

I love that Seal song.

Yeah, housing is still insane. Everyone was waiting for the bubble to burst. Didn't happen. It's more like a long, slow leak.

Diane said...

All I know is that in 1989 when I bought a one bedroom condo in Santa Monica, I could have had bought a really nice home with a view in Seattle

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